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Thomas Nicholas Todd Hunter is a city transplant living the country life in rural Ontario. He created TNT Hunter Outdoors in order to share his passion for hunting, conservation, and history with other hunters and outdoorsmen, from beginners to experts. The website celebrates the land by profiling its beauty, uncovering the stories that define it, and sharing instructional guides related to outdoor activities.

Recent Blogs

Shed Hunting image | TNT Hunter Blog

What is Shed Hunting?

Shed hunting is no easy task. Those who train their eyes to look for the glimmer or curvature of deer antlers will find success on their shed hunt.
Maple Syrup image | TNT Hunter Blog

The Joy of Maple Syrup Production

Making your own maple syrup is a rewarding process with a delicious result, and can be done by anyone with access to a couple of maple trees.

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